Saturday, August 23, 2003

SWAIA: Southwestern Association for Indian Arts

SWAIA: Southwestern Association for Indian Arts

Well, it's that time of year again, Santa Fe Indian Market is here again.
If you either can't go or can't face the crowds, here are websites for a few of the artists you might see there:

Susan Folwell Santa Clara Pueblo potter
Virgil Nez, Navajo painter
Ronald Honyouti & Family, Hopi katsina dolls
Anita Fields, Osage clay artist
Ron Suazo, Santa Clara potter
Greyshoes (Upton Ethelbah), Santa Clara Pueblo/White Mountain Apache sculptor

Just a few of the hundreds of artists showing there.
One artists who is not there this year is Roxanne Swentzell, Santa Clara Pueblo clay sculptor, who is having a instead a one person show, "Juggling Worlds", at the Poeh Museum at the Pueblo of Pojoaque.